Expenses of Living
The estimated cost of living in the United States is between $10000 and $18000 per year or $1000 to $1500 per month. This includes expenses such as lodging, room and board, meals, transportation, textbooks, weather-appropriate apparel, and entertainment.

Here is a list of costs that were taken into account when calculating living expenses:

  1. The cost of books and study materials ranges from $900 to $2000 every year.
  2. Within the United States, travel expenditures will range from $300 to $700.
  3. The cost of living will range from $5000 to $7500 per year.
  4. Renting an apartment off-campus will cost between $300 and $600 a month, however it may cost more depending on the school’s location.
  5. If you do not dine out much, meals should cost roughly $2500 per year.
  6. If you live in a chilly country, clothing will cost you more than $500 a year.
  7. Per year, personal and variable expenses will be roughly $2000.
Item Approximate price
Groceries (home-cooked meals)
International Calling cards
Home Internet
Cell phone
Restaurant meals
Car Insurance
Petrol for car
Weekend activities
Costs Not Included
When studying in the United States, students should be able to cover the following expenses. Inflation and other external variables may cause costs to rise by 5% to 7% every year. Expenses for travel between India and the United States during vacation periods. Large purchases, such as a computer, furniture, or even a rented automobile, are examples of large purchases. Dental care, eye care, and aesthetic procedures are examples of medical expenses not covered by health insurance. Additional summer expenses – accommodation and board, as well as grocery costs if you stay on in the United States during the summer months when classes are not held. Off-campus transportation, for example, is an additional cost. Weekend adventures, entertainment, and social outings.


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