As a country with one of the greatest percentages of foreigners who have successfully become Canadian residents as a result of Canadian immigration processes, Canada has been shown to be the place to be throughout time. With a goal of welcoming over 1.2 million immigrants to their opportunistic, cultural, and beautiful country between 2021 and 2023, there’s little doubt that it will continue to expand into one of the world’s most powerful economies.

Given that Canada is a popular place to work and that most people want to immigrate there to enhance their lives, advance their careers, or offer a better future for their families, you must evaluate the cost of living in Canada in 2021 when considering emigrating.

Canada is regarded as a country with pretty inexpensive costs, having been ranked as the finest place to live in based on its quality of life and having one of the strongest economies in the world. Given that it is still a first-world country, it is not one of the most affordable locations to live in the world, but it does give other countries a run for their money.

If you know anything about the expense of living in Canada, you’re probably aware of the country’s high tax rate, which is in place to ensure that Canadians have the best quality of life possible. Residents support the tax rate because they recognize that it was put in place by the government to offer free healthcare, secondary education, and social protection, such as the military and police, to name a few.
2020 Federal Income Tax Brackets 2020 Federal Income Tax Rates
$48,535 - $97,069
$97,069 - $150,473
$150,473 - $214,368
More than $214,368
Most individuals prefer to hunt for housing in large Canadian cities because there are more work chances there than in smaller towns or any other inland place. When deciding to relocate to Canada, keep in mind that living in places other than Canada’s cities is less expensive. You may, however, make living in one of the country’s major cities work for you if you have a solid career.
2020 Federal Income Tax Brackets
Average Cost Per Person
Average Cost for 4 People
Sherbrooke, Quebec
London, Ontario
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Moncton, New Brunswick
Kitchener, Ontario
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Regina, Saskatchewan
Saint John, New Brunswick
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
The most expensive cities to live in Canada include:
  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Toronto, Ontario
  3. Montreal, Quebec
  4. Calgary, Alberta
  5. Ottawa, Ontario
A family of four living in Canada costs $4,032 C$ per month, excluding rent, whereas a single individual costs $1,125 C$ per month. Although this may appear to be higher than in most other nations, it is crucial to remember that typical salaries in Canada are market-related and allow residents to afford living expenditures. It’s also important to consider tax as an annual expense.

The most expensive cities to live in Canada include:
Average Living Expenses Approximately cost
Rent (City)
1,326.79 C$
Rent (Outside of City)
1,116.62 C$
1,158 C$
Transportation (Public - one-way)
3.25 C$
Transportation (Public - monthly)
91 C$
Gasoline (1L)
1.12 C$
Utilities (Electricity, cooling, water, heating, garbage)
164.64 C$
Utilities (Internet - 60 Mbps or more/ Unlimited data/ Cable or ADSL)
78.82 C$
Sports & Leisure (Fitness club)
50.99 C$
Childcare (Private pre-school)
990.48 C$
Childcare (Primary school - monthly)
1179.50 C$